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Pastafarian Wine

Published May 15th, 高频彩票联盟 by Bobby Henderson
Thy Noodle Come — Thy Sauce Be Yum — R’Amen

Thanks to Don for the photos of this Pastafarian Wine spotted in Australia. I’m afraid I don’t know too much about how this wine came to be. What do you guys think, was this inspired by the Flying Spaghetti Monster or just a coincidence? Anyone else come across it? Don said it was good.


PPE Is Accepted Pastafarian Religious Garb

Published April 1st, 高频彩票联盟 by Bobby Henderson
safety first

I just wanted to make it clear that medical professionals are allowed and encouraged to wear PPE (Personal Protective 高频彩票联盟).

The N95 and similar [1] masks are recognized by the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster as acceptable alternative religious garb.

Religious texts tell us early Pastafarians wore bandanas and similar over their faces to protect against disease. They likely would have worn modern equipment had it been available in their time.

The right to wear religious garb at work is protected by state and federal laws.  Any church members who are denied their right to wear appropriate religious garb should consult with an attorney.  And let us know if we can help.

Let’s all stay safe.

Note- Some dispute whether the mask should go under or over the eye-patch. I would think under, but I am not a doctor nor do I wear an eye-patch. Beards also prevent the masks from sealing optimally. Also the man in the photo is a statue.

[1] Please consider all similar mask types as official holy garb: N95, N99, N100, P95, P99, P100, FFP1, FFP2, FFP3, KN95


It is the end of the world as we know it …

Published March 19th, 高频彩票联盟 by Bobby Henderson

and I feel frustrated.

Frustrated at the government response, at the mis-information and propaganda surrounding the crisis, and at the few people taking advantage of the situation.

A few thoughts about the CoronaVirus pandemic:

It is serious: please follow the recommendations of the science community and health professionals. [Even though we Pastafarians are suspicious of “science”, better safe than sorry on this one.]

Pastafarian top tips for reducing the spread of the CoronaVirus:

  • Practice social distancing
  • Stay 高频彩票联盟 if you can
  • Wash your hands
  • Dont excessively touch stranger’s faces and/or groins (the face of the pelvis)
  • Pirate-bandana can be used as a face-mask in a pinch but it is not ideal
  • Avoid social gatherings, yes even Church.

If I can shame a few reilgious leaders for a moment

I don’t want to talk shit about other religious leaders, and I’m not even saying most, or even many, religious groups are handling this crisis wrong … but some religious leaders are being so wildy irresponsible I’d like to mention them:

Maybe you’d like to sow a $91 seed.” Here’s Paula White, head of the White House’s Faith and Opportunity Initiative, selling spiritual protections against the coronavirus.

Here’s TeleEvangelist Kenneth Copeland curing his viewers of the virus through the television. I can’t stress this enough: do not under any circumstances touch this man’s hands.

TV Pastor Jim Bakker says his Silver Solution elixer will cure you of the CoronaVirus. Looks like he may get in trouble for fraud (again) for this.

Here’s Jerry Falwell Jr on Fox & Friends pushing a conspiracy theory that the coronavirus is a plot by the Chinese and North Koreans. Falwell was forced to shut down classes at his Liberty University when the Virginia governor limited crowd sizes.

“We’re raising up revivalists, not pansies”. Here’s a pastor encouraging people to shake hands.

Enought of that.

What should the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster do to help? Please send me suggestions here in the comments, twitter () or email. Thanks!


Quebec teacher facing displinary action for wearing Colander at work, needs our help

Published February 24th, 高频彩票联盟 by Bobby Henderson
[ Pastafarians wearing official religious headwear in parade, via reddit]

We’re looking for legal help in the Quebec area. I received this message from a longtime member and minister in Quebec:

I am a secondary 彩票联盟 teacher living in Quebec, Canada. I am a Pastafarian. On March 28th, 2019 a bill was passed (bill 21) by the very racist and xenophobic provincial government presently in power. The bill prohibits people from wearing religious symbols in the workplace. It specifically applies to government workers, teachers, people in positions of authority or influence, etc.

While, on the surface, this may seem to be a secular move (something in line with Pastafarianism), the reality is that this bill disproprortionately affects religious minorities (muslims, jews) and also disproprotionately affects women. It also puts power in the hands of people who may have specific biases or agendas.

He started wearing a Colander at work around the time the bill was passed. His employer is attempting to force him to remove it under threat of disciplinary action. He has been issued a directive to remove the religious headwear and a threat of suspension or further escalation if he does not comply.

We are looking for help. Is there someone in the Quebec area that would be willing to provide legal advice and assistance? Please get in contact with me and I will forward the information. Thanks very much.

Update 2/25 — Wow this one is more controversial than I realized. More than a few “how dare you” type messages :) … I don’t know that much about this bill. I understand some view the bill as a step forward towards secularization of government, albeit imperfect. Others see it is as legislated racism.

I personally don’t have an issue with people wearing religious symbols/headwear in work, I suspect most Pastafarians don’t either. What we worry about is a religious person using a place of authority to push their beliefs on others, but it’s two separate things.

What do you guys think?


Brussels Sighting

Published February 23rd, 高频彩票联盟 by Bobby Henderson
Spotted at ComicCon Brussels via twitter: @高频彩票联盟nwbrux

Window Decals

Published December 28th, 2019 by Bobby Henderson

We just got in a bunch of these FSM vinyl car window decals. If you want one you can give me your address . I only ask that you share the Pastafarian faith with people who inquire about “what is that sticker on your window?” They’re about 4″ across and can be stuck inside or outside the window.

Update 1/8 — stickers are almost gone so let me know soon if you want a few. Lots of people are asking to donate for shipping cost … thank you but not worried about it on these. Next batch maybe we’ll do a collection pot for the postage fund but definitely don’t want to sell these.


Gary Smith, fighting for Pastafarian rights.

Published December 27th, 2019 by Bobby Henderson
Gary Smith, fighting for equal rights. Photo Vancouver Sun.

has a nice article about Pastafarian Gary Smith’s fight to have his driver’s license photo taken while wearing a Colander. He also dresses in Pirate Regalia for formal occasions, as do many serious Pastafarians.

His headgear, a colander, is part of his religion: Smith is a Pastafarian, a member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

ICBC has informed him it doesn’t qualify as religious headgear, have refused to accept a photo of him wearing it for his licence, and Smith has now filed a complaint with the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal.

“My religious head covering is an expression of my beliefs,” he said. “I am being denied the right to express myself in a manner afforded to members of other beliefs and other faiths . There is no test of faith that any government agency, including ICBC, can apply to judge whether or not a person earnestly believes what they profess when they ask to be photographed with a religious head covering.”

Canada is, surprisingly, not always tolerant of Pastafarian rights. British Columbia, especially. Besides not allowing us to wear religious headgear in government photos, they sometimes make it difficult for our Ministers to register as wedding officiants.

Vancouver is such a multi-cultural place, I find it difficult to understand the intolerance to religions outside of the mainstream. I’d love to hear if other “fringe” religious groups run into these problems with the BC government.

Big thanks to Mr. Smith for pushing back against religious intolerance. My feeling is that, even when we lose these fights from time to time, it helps in the long run to point out the inequality.

You can read the article .

Holiday e-Card machine

Published December 22nd, 2019 by Bobby Henderson

Just a reminder, the FSM Holiday e-Card machine is ready – you can send festive greetings to your friends and family . Send as many as you like. Emails will be kept private.

There are a few designs available. This one below is probably the most controversial and also my favorite.


Clergy Parking

Published December 21st, 2019 by Bobby Henderson

Submitted by Ordained FSM Minister Matthew K.


Is the Chinese government tracking Pastafarian students?

Published December 11th, 2019 by Bobby Henderson

We heard a rumor that the Chinese Communist Party asked 彩票联盟s to report Pastafarian students. That’s very disturbing if true … If anyone has more information about this could you let us now? Thank you

Here’s what was reported in detail … looking for more info

Update —

It sounds like it may have been a misunderstanding. We’re hearing that 彩票联盟s are aware of the Pastafarian students but the students don’t feel too alarmed. Let’s hope it stays that way. Thanks for all of the messages.

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